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The backdrop and main gate for wedding design

Admitted or not, wedding design is the determination of what the wedding will look like. In that case, you have to prepare the managements of the theme in order to create the best decoration. Generally, the best needs the reference such as the Canadian style, American design, or the classical European style. Those do not only regard to the appearances on the details, but also the appeal of the dress and the accessories. Moreover, it is proud to treat the biggest day with the beautiful and solid design on the backdrop, the ceiling lines, and etc.

The backdrop

Well, starting from wedding design using the Canadian thee in every element. It is the backdrop namely the white-violet concavity. On the appearances, this backdrop has three spaces: two smallest and the biggest one in the center. Those are separation has the function to post the couple lovers in the center and the best man and the best women in the smallest one.

As the developments, it can be used to sit the children. In addition, the chairs take as the thorn king. It is to express the kingdom story in the design. Not only that, the decoration of the backdrop cloth is surely amazing. The background is the pure white cloth that laminates the entire thing.

Then, it is heaped by the violet layers in some parts using the top to top method. That is functioned to hook and to create the wavy design on the top backdrop. Then, wedding design on the both edges are layered as well. Similarity, the divided between the biggest and the smallest uses the violet color. Further, the designed wedding also reminds the ideas of the gate. The best location is in the front doors ort it is the opposite of the backdrop.

The flower gate

Following the same theme, the flower gate as the exact design’s wedding. For the available form, it is the square, the half oval and etc that use the iron material to hold the flowers. To make it romantic, making sure that you put the written name on the top of the decoration gate and you have to put the variant colors of the flowers. As the example, the rose, the carnation, and etc on the some variants such as the circle garland. Therefore, wedding design especially for the main gate will be useful since you manage them symmetry treatments.

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wedding design

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