Cake Ideas for Your Wedding

Every people should have their own preference about their dream wedding cakes. You may want a classic-look wedding cake with cream icing or fondant icing to the most unusual one. You may also want different decoration for topping also. Here, the article tries to give some interesting cake ideas. Hopefully it will enlighten about what kind of cake you want to serve in your once-of-a-lifetime event.

Different Cake Ideas for Your Perfect Wedding, What to Choose?

First choice in your cake ideas is the ever last classic white frosting cake. You can create fabric effects as in your wedding dress on your cakes, like drapes, laces, bows, pleats, lace effects, or smocks. Another alternative, if you want a quite unique idea for cakes; you may want it unusual one. Wedding cake is almost identical with white; so, for different accent tries creamy chocolate cream or fondant.

For other creative cake ideas, you can just leave it naked without any frosting. For the decorative accent, try to put in each layers and top with fresh berries in summer, and for other season with seasonal fruits, like apples or oranges. Choose a simple cake design with an outstanding stand. For the frosted cake, instead of flowery or fabric-like design, try to write a quote from your favorite book or movie even song lyrics. A unique cake decoration will surely emphasize your style and characters.

Almost all the wedding cakes are round or square. You can try for different cake ideas by shape them with hexagonal or even asymmetrical or shaped cake – like face, fish etc – for a totally unusual design. Consider mini cakes served to every guest or table is good also. The other thing that you can do is to change the decoration for cake. If you want to make the decoration with the cream or fondant that is shaped to flowers or other shape, try the real flower for decoration for your cake ideas.

You can order a petite two-tier wedding cake, or a big seven or nine-tier wedding cake. In a big wedding cake, you can make some of the layers with Styrofoam. To make cake ideas with real flower, choose quite long last flowers, and consider whether you want to use edible flowers- like jasmine, lavender, lilac, dandelions, marigold, etc – or non-edible flowers just for decoration. Make sure to clean the flowers with water and remove the pollen. Use a water filled stem holder to keep the flowers fresh. If you use inedible flowers, use acetate so the flowers don’t touch the icing. Don’t forget to remove the flowers before serving.

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