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Malay Wedding Cultures

Wedding is one of the most important events in life. Different countries will have different cultures in holding a wedding. So, if you want to hold a wedding in a country, you need to know the culture of that country. In Malaysia, there are some interesting cultures that that you have to know in wedding. So, if you want to hold a wedding in Malaysia or you will marry a Malaysian, you need to know these cultures of Malay wedding.

Before Marriage

First of all, you need to know the cultures of Malay wedding party before marriage. The first culture is investigation. In this case, the family of the man will investigate the candidate that will be married by the man. After that, there is an engagement. This is done if both families agree about the wedding plan. Usually, the man’s family visits the woman’s family formally to ask the permission that the man will marry the woman. The last is sending gift and money. The amount of the gift and money depend on the man’s family. That is the cultures of Malay wedding before marriage.


Then, in the marriage time, there are two cultures that you have to know. In Malay wedding, there is what is called actual marriage where the man state the holy promise that he will love and protect their marriage forever. Then, there is also Berinai. It is a culture where the couples’ hands are stained with henna. Berinai is held three times. The first is Berinai curi that is done three nights before you get married. The second is Berinai kecil that is done two nights before getting married. And the last is Berinai besar that is done after actual marriage ceremony.

After Marriage

Lastly, you also need to know the cultures of Malay wedding after marriage. The first is arriving in procession. It will be followed by many people including the families. After that is welcoming to the bride’s house. In this case, the man is welcomed to enter the bride’s house after the actual marriage. This is the last culture in Malay wedding.

That is all about the cultures that you have to know. Maybe, it will be very different from other countries wedding culture, especially from western wedding culture. After you know those cultures, you need to follow those cultures if you want to marry a Malaysian. Hopefully, those cultures of Malay wedding will be useful. So, it can be a good reference for anyone.

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Malay wedding

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