Make Your Wedding Party in Best Memorable With Using Wedding Video

Make your wedding party in perfect is one purpose that you must complete. You must give attention in some of important thing to make your wedding party become best wedding party. All of the things that contain in your wedding party must you design and prepare in good preparation. One important thing that becomes important thing in your wedding party is about your wedding video. It can be the most important thing that you must give your attention.

Wedding video is important for your wedding party

Wedding party is best moment in your life that you must make in documentation. With make your wedding in wedding video you will get your great documentation. Not only about what happen in your wedding party that can you make in documentation, with using video for wedding you are also can make your love story in documentation. You can make your video in some of ideas that can make your wedding documentation become best documentation.

Wedding video will really help you know about the entire thing that happen in your wedding party. From good video maker you will get your best documentation. Wedding clip also help you are to get your best important memorable in your life. The most important thing that you must prepare when you are decides to using video in your wedding party is about your video wedding ideas. Great basic ideas will give you perfect video for your documentation.

For the concept or ideas for your video can you make in suitable with your wedding party concept. What you need is only search the videographer that can complete all of what you want. Basic ideas for your wedding video are important because with basic ideas you can make your documentation in best result like what you want. You can find your video ideas like using your pre wedding video or not, make your video only in your wedding party or other. With that, you will get your documentation in suitable with what you want.

Actually, video for wedding party is best important thing that you must give your attention. With using wedding video you will get all of the moment in your wedding party become in best documentation. Because of that, with best preparation you will get best result for your documentation. So, with that choose best ideas for your wedding party and you will get best documentation for your wedding party.

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Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia
Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia

Malay Wedding Cultures

Wedding is one of the most important events in life. Different countries will have different cultures in holding a wedding. So, if you want to hold a wedding in a country, you need to know the culture of that country. In Malaysia, there are some interesting cultures that that you have to know in wedding. So, if you want to hold a wedding in Malaysia or you will marry a Malaysian, you need to know these cultures of Malay wedding.

Before Marriage

First of all, you need to know the cultures of Malay wedding party before marriage. The first culture is investigation. In this case, the family of the man will investigate the candidate that will be married by the man. After that, there is an engagement. This is done if both families agree about the wedding plan. Usually, the man’s family visits the woman’s family formally to ask the permission that the man will marry the woman. The last is sending gift and money. The amount of the gift and money depend on the man’s family. That is the cultures of Malay wedding before marriage.


Then, in the marriage time, there are two cultures that you have to know. In Malay wedding, there is what is called actual marriage where the man state the holy promise that he will love and protect their marriage forever. Then, there is also Berinai. It is a culture where the couples’ hands are stained with henna. Berinai is held three times. The first is Berinai curi that is done three nights before you get married. The second is Berinai kecil that is done two nights before getting married. And the last is Berinai besar that is done after actual marriage ceremony.

After Marriage

Lastly, you also need to know the cultures of Malay wedding after marriage. The first is arriving in procession. It will be followed by many people including the families. After that is welcoming to the bride’s house. In this case, the man is welcomed to enter the bride’s house after the actual marriage. This is the last culture in Malay wedding.

That is all about the cultures that you have to know. Maybe, it will be very different from other countries wedding culture, especially from western wedding culture. After you know those cultures, you need to follow those cultures if you want to marry a Malaysian. Hopefully, those cultures of Malay wedding will be useful. So, it can be a good reference for anyone.

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Malay wedding

Booth Windows for Photo at Your Wedding

A photo booth is important in a wedding. It’s better than look at a large group of people standing in a row before the altar. But, having photo booth is not enough if you don’t have the right software for your operating system in your laptop. Since most of us use windows as an operating system, the first thing that you should do is software for your booth windows. You may want something that with one clicks your photos automatically printed out. Besides that, make sure also that your software is compatible with any camera that you have. That way, your windows booth can give you the maximum result.

Do It Yourself Photo Booth Stand for Your Wedding

For example you can consider DSLR Remote Pro software booth windows that has a photo booth mode for Canon and Nikon cameras – since both of them are the most used brands. This software also provides print options like four photos per page in 4×6 sizes. You may want to cut the photo in half, so the guest can bring a copy while we can make the other copy to make guest book. If you already choose software, you’re ready to take the gorgeous photo for your special event. The next step is to set up all the materials you need.

To complete the installation of your booth windows, you can put your camera on top of the laptop’s monitor using a gorrillapod dslr flexible tripod. Then connect your laptop with the printer. If you want to add an additional button to make the windows booth photo easier, you can consider the Stealth Switch, a separate button software application to monitor a button press serial port recommended on the software website.

For the best result choose the printer for photo and good quality of paper photo. To make your booth windows perfect, make sure you add attractive backdrop, or some properties like frame to make it more fascinating. To add privacy, you can put a room divider or hang a fabric to cover your photo booth. Don’t forget to set your computer to never sleep, so you’re the users will be comfortable in using the booth for windows

Do not hesitate to install the booth windows for your wedding. Create a unique and memorable event for you, your friends and relatives. Make sure that it will be an event that you can share with the next generation and inspire them. Let your day become a one chance of a lifetime.

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booth windows

Get Your Best Moment With Best Honeymoons

After you are get your wedding, the first thing that becomes your important thing is about your honeymoon. Honeymoon can be very important because with honeymoon you will get quality time with your couple and spend a long time only with your couple. Remember, that honeymoon can be very important for you and for your couple you must prepare your honeymoons with best honeymoons that you choose.

Get special moment with your coupled can you get if you are can choose best honeymoons for you and for your coupled. Get special honeymoon is not always with spend a lot of money. To get best moment you can spend your money not in a lot of money. You can save your money if you are know how to get honeymoon without spend a lot of money. There are some types that can you used when you are get your honeymoon.

best honeymoon can you get in best moment with less money

To get best moment in honeymoon can you get in some of ways. The first thing that you must doing to get honeymoon in perfect honeymoon is decide where you are want spend all of your time. To make you are get your honeymoon in low price, you can visit some place that do not need extra money to come in your destination. You will get best honeymoons in some place in low price but still get beauty landscape that can make you are enjoy your honeymoon.

Second thing that can you do to get best honeymoons is get your destination in approval of your coupled. Don’t choose your honeymoon place or destination that only you like that place. If you are can balance between you and your couple you will get your honeymoon not in perfect honeymoon. If you are can get best destination between you and your couple you are also can get honeymoon in best moment.

Third way that can you do to get honeymoon in low price but still can give you best moment is choose your destination that has package honeymoon. With honeymoon package you will get all of the thing that you want in one package and also you can get all of your package in low price. With that, you will get all thing that you want in complete. You can get best destination with beauty landscape and you are also can get best moment from the facility. With that, you will get best honeymoons that you never forget.


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best honeymoons

The Pictures of Awesome Baby Cakes

Are you trying to find the unique and tasty baby cakes? This post will show you the super unique and awesome baby cake designs which are delicious and artful. Moreover, it is able to use as some occasions such as baby shower, baby reveal celebration, birthday, and baptism. If you wish, you can choose the baby cake you desire and bespeak to the bakery. In fact, this will be greater if you take the inspiration and make it your own for your children.

Baby Cake Designs

The uniqueness of the baby cakes we share today is there are several themes that are interesting and entertaining. For instance, there is baby cake design ideas made in animal theme. The cakes have interesting designs and shapes so they will definitely love it. Further, you can find baby cake designed in bug shape too. Besides is the shape and design, the other aspect makes the cake more exquisite is the details. It looks more alive because the details are created carefully.

Further, there are baby cakes designed exclusively with impressive decorations. In order to make it beautiful, the baby cake decorations are touched with flower accessories made from creams and fondant. It is styled as lily, jasmine, rose, and many more. Additionally, it is able to enhance the uniqueness of the cake. Don’t be afraid for it has balance taste of sweetening. In accordance with the ingredients, this would be better if you buy the fresh from the oven cake which is made from safe sweetener.

The next theme which is interesting is feminine baby cakes. This cake is specially created for lovely baby girls. The decorations are created as feminine as lovely. Furthermore, some of them are accessorized with princess cake decorations. The colors of the cream and cake are made beautifully in feminine tones such as pink, red, purple, and bright yellow. If you wish a particular theme for your little girl, you can design the cake as the character she looks.

The final baby cakes to inspire you are cakes which are created in unconventional shapes and decorations. As the example, you can find the cake for baby styled as baby outfits and equipment such as clothes, little shoes, baby hat, scarf, and many more. The colors are also balancing each other. Not to exaggerate it looks extremely entertaining. If you want to get more inspiration and ideas, the photo gallery has been waiting for you to open.


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