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Booth Windows for Photo at Your Wedding

A photo booth is important in a wedding. It’s better than look at a large group of people standing in a row before the altar. But, having photo booth is not enough if you don’t have the right software for your operating system in your laptop. Since most of us use windows as an operating system, the first thing that you should do is software for your booth windows. You may want something that with one clicks your photos automatically printed out. Besides that, make sure also that your software is compatible with any camera that you have. That way, your windows booth can give you the maximum result.

Do It Yourself Photo Booth Stand for Your Wedding

For example you can consider DSLR Remote Pro software booth windows that has a photo booth mode for Canon and Nikon cameras – since both of them are the most used brands. This software also provides print options like four photos per page in 4×6 sizes. You may want to cut the photo in half, so the guest can bring a copy while we can make the other copy to make guest book. If you already choose software, you’re ready to take the gorgeous photo for your special event. The next step is to set up all the materials you need.

To complete the installation of your booth windows, you can put your camera on top of the laptop’s monitor using a gorrilla pod DSLR flexible tripod. Then connect your laptop with the printer. If you want to add an additional button to make the windows booth photo easier, you can consider the Stealth Switch, a separate button software application to monitor a button press serial port recommended on the software website.

For the best result choose the printer for photo and good quality of paper photo. To make your booth windows perfect, make sure you add attractive backdrop, or some properties like frame to make it more fascinating. To add privacy, you can put a room divider or hang a fabric to cover your photo booth. Don’t forget to set your computer to never sleep, so you’re the users will be comfortable in using the booth for windows

Do not hesitate to install the booth windows for your wedding. Create a unique and memorable event for you, your friends and relatives. Make sure that it will be an event that you can share with the next generation and inspire them. Let your day become a one chance of a lifetime.

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