The Best Top 10 Wedding Ideas

Choosing one of the best top 10 wedding ideas will be greatest idea for people that want to arrange the great marriage. In this idea, people will find some variation idea that can show the amazing one in their wedding day ceremonial. Besides, getting this one also will be solution for people that want to show their prestige in front of other people that can give the satisfaction one in their wedding day. Because of that, people do not worry when they choose one of this one as their wedding concept in the future.

The top 10 wedding ideas that can be applied by people in 2015

The best top 10 wedding ideas that can be found in 2015 will show the amazing one that never be found by people. The best one in this idea will find in some variation style that can be chosen by people. The idea of top 10 wedding is like the peace wedding style, love and macramé styles, wild-west style wedding, woodland wedding, unplugged wedding, transparency, copper and aquamarine, wowpiece wedding style, transparency-wedding style, and hanging decoration style one.

How to choose the best top 10 wedding ideas

People can choose one of those top 10 wedding ideas that can be chosen as their wedding style. The best one in this idea of top 10 wedding will show the amazing one for people if people can arrange their wedding style comfortable for their character. The wild-west style will be the best example for people that want to show the great appearance for their wedding. In this one, people will find the amazing decoration in the wedding day celebration that can give the satisfaction one for people.

Furthermore, people also can find other sample in the woodland wedding in top 10 wedding ideas that can show the great appearance in wedding day celebration. The woodland concept of this wedding day will give the greatest appearance for people because people will find the beautiful wood arrangement in their wedding. They will find the natural idea in this one that can give the comfortable one for people.

Because of that, the top 10 wedding ideas will be the best idea for people that want to have a great idea for wedding. This idea can be chosen by people as their choice that has relation to their character to get the great theme in wedding. Because of that, people will get the satisfaction one when they choose one of the wedding ideas for their wedding style.

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The Important Photographer’s Criteria for Wedding in Sabah

I believe most people in this world will only have once wedding ceremony in a lifetime and I believe that they will always make their wedding as the most prestigious moment in their life. Talking about wedding, many people have said that wedding in Sabah, Malaysia has given many great memories in the couple that has held their wedding ceremony there. There are many great places for having honeymoon and there are many services provided for the wedding itself.

As what it is explained before, we see that wedding is the most memorable moment in our life. To make it to be more memorable, we need to have, at least, photographs of our wedding ceremony so we can get something to strengthen our remembrance of the best moment in our life. Now, I will give some criteria for finding good photographers for having your wedding in Sabah. We cannot hire random photographers because a nice moment should be captured nicely too and to get that nice capture, experience is the major reason for it.

Good Photographers for Wedding in Sabah

First, when you want to hire a good wedding in Sabah, you better get some references about the best photographers that ever take many wedding ceremonies in Sabah. The wedding ceremonies will become really great memories when it is captured by the expert in photography. You can get the references by asking some friends who ever had their wedding and look at the result of the photograph. Then, you can find some references by visiting social media which commonly provide much information about the wedding photographer.

Then, the second reason way for getting the nice photographer in Sabah is asking for sampling and choosing your own photographer when you hire the service from the agencies. The agencies will surely have every result of the photographers that work with them and best way for getting that is looking and choosing the best photographer in your opinion. When you choose it by yourself, I believe that memories of wedding in Sabah will make you feel so much flattered.

Then, some photographers will have so many cameras and lenses in their stuff. For getting nice memories for wedding in Sabah, you better ask for many variations in the usage of lenses. There are wide lens, fish eye lens, normal lens, and other lenses and each of them gives difference effects. By asking various kinds of lenses for the wedding, you will be able to have many interesting photo for your Sabah wedding.

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The Wedding Cake in Kuala Lumpur as the interesting cake

In the wedding day, cake is one of the important things that should be noticed by people. Wedding cake can show the amazing one if people can decorate the cake into great appearance. Furthermore, this one is also amazing if people can arrange the cake suitable with their wedding theme. However, you will find something different wedding cake in Kuala Lumpur. The cake in this city is great because the design and decoration in this one is interesting. Some variation designs are also available in this one that can show the amazing one in the wedding day.

The best one in the wedding cake in Kuala Lumpur

The best one that can be found in the wedding cake in Kuala Lumpur is the cake design. The design in this one will have some variation ideas that can that can be put in any situation in the wedding day. People, for instance can find the wedding reception Kuala Lumpur wedding cake. This wedding cake is suitable for people to serve in the wedding reception. The design in this cake is also unique and cute so that the guest can look at the cake and they also can enjoy the cake.

Furthermore, wedding cake in Kuala Lumpur also will have the interesting appearance that is not seen in other cake. People will find the interesting one in this cake is that the detail of the cake. The detail of the cake will have relation with the wedding theme. It means that the decoration of the cake will represent the wedding theme whether traditional or modern wedding party. The appearance or the cake decoration in the wedding party is important because this one will be put on the center of the wedding party.

Besides, people also can find other decoration for wedding cake in Kuala Lumpur that can amaze the guest in their wedding day. Gaining this purpose, people can choose the amazing idea in the Kuala Lumpur wedding cake with special decoration for wedding party. The special one in this cake can be seen at the character or cake arrangement in the wedding day.

Because of that, choosing the wedding cake in Kuala Lumpur will be the best idea for people that want to have a great wedding cake. The idea of this one will show the amazing appearance through its style and design that is interesting for the guest. Some variations decoration in this cake will be a great reason why this one is interesting.

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Unexpected wedding gift

Giving wedding gift to the person is the way to respect the younger lovers. Yet, this sometime is difficult because you do not have any clue on what you are giving. Indeed, you still get the lack idea because that is your best friend’s party. If you give a common gift, it seems you insult them. In contrary, if you have a priceless gift, you do not have a sufficient budget. To solve that you should have the extra ideas on that. For instance, you should prepare the unexpected ideas.

The memories frames

For instance, it is wedding gift relating to your memories before your best friend’s getting marriage on the photo frame. That is more priceless than the money or any gift. To make it wonderful, you should decorate it perfectly on the medium size and the exact measure. This is called the framed hardwood of the classic background. This becomes the concerned idea because this is valuable for them when they are putting it as the decoration in the living room or the bed room.

On the frames, they are painted with the gold color and the background to put the pictures is the pure white. Then, you should manage the pictures on the beautifully following on the shaped frames. Next, you can write the motto there or the worth word such as our friendship is thicker than blood and so for. As wedding gift, you may add the ornaments next to the pictures with the fade effect or the burns. To get the maximum result, the accessories wedding shop also present the consultation and the wedding gift makers.

The written name of two lovers

The other wedding gifts that you can offer to your best friend are the written name of both lowers. This is almost the same as the previous design, but it offers the detail concept and the mini size. Moreover, the material that you can choose is available on the some variants. This can be made from the plastic, the silver, the iron, and the hardwood.

Only the suggestion, wedding gift is so much worthy to give them the hardwood shape of the name. To purchase this, you have to spend the basic range about $20.00. In addition, you can choose wedding design gifts and the color accent. For the appearances and the measure, the chain words are more beautiful than any kind of the font shape.

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Tips in Finding the Wedding Venue

We all already know that wedding is kind of the sacral ceremony in people life. Here, the people are always busy to prepare the wedding party because they want to have the perfect party there. Actually, many kinds of it are needed to be considered. Here, we will talk about the wedding venue. Well, the kinds of the venue will influence the sense of your wedding party. In order to find the special one, here I have some tips for you to find your best wedding venue.

Counting the guest

Before finding the best kind of the wedding venue as you want, it will be better for you to consider the count of your guest. Well, it is important because the count of the guest will influence the large of your venue that you need. When you want to have many guests in your wedding party, it will be useful when you take the outdoor party or look for the larger room. In other hand, when you want to have several important guests, you may have the homey concept of wedding.

The theme of your wedding party

When you want to have the best wedding venue, you can consider the theme of your party. When you want to have the religious theme in your wedding party, you can consider the religious place, such as the mosque or church as the wedding venue. However, when you want to have the traditional them of wedding party, you can go to somewhere that is special as your need, such as nature or others.

The unique places

When you want to have the best wedding party with the unforgettable moment, you can consider the unique place as your wedding venue. The unique place here will be great venue that will give the best moment for you. In order to find the unique venue, you can consider some places. Here, when you want to have the natural sense of your wedding, you can choose the beach or mountain as the background of your wedding party.

Based on the explanation above we all know that there are some kinds of the wedding venue that can be the choice in your wedding party. In order to have the best venue for your special party, it will be great when you consider some kinds of the idea above. Then, something that you also need to know is about the decoration. Consult with the expert to have the best collaboration.

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Make Your Wedding Party in Best Memorable With Using Wedding Video

Make your wedding party in perfect is one purpose that you must complete. You must give attention in some of important thing to make your wedding party become best wedding party. All of the things that contain in your wedding party must you design and prepare in good preparation. One important thing that becomes important thing in your wedding party is about your wedding video. It can be the most important thing that you must give your attention.

Wedding video is important for your wedding party

Wedding party is best moment in your life that you must make in documentation. With make your wedding in wedding video you will get your great documentation. Not only about what happen in your wedding party that can you make in documentation, with using video for wedding you are also can make your love story in documentation. You can make your video in some of ideas that can make your wedding documentation become best documentation.

Wedding video will really help you know about the entire thing that happen in your wedding party. From good video maker you will get your best documentation. Wedding clip also help you are to get your best important memorable in your life. The most important thing that you must prepare when you are decides to using video in your wedding party is about your video wedding ideas. Great basic ideas will give you perfect video for your documentation.

For the concept or ideas for your video can you make in suitable with your wedding party concept. What you need is only search the videographer that can complete all of what you want. Basic ideas for your wedding video are important because with basic ideas you can make your documentation in best result like what you want. You can find your video ideas like using your pre wedding video or not, make your video only in your wedding party or other. With that, you will get your documentation in suitable with what you want.

Actually, video for wedding party is best important thing that you must give your attention. With using wedding video you will get all of the moment in your wedding party become in best documentation. Because of that, with best preparation you will get best result for your documentation. So, with that choose best ideas for your wedding party and you will get best documentation for your wedding party.

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Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia

Groom Guide for Getting Unforgettable and Economic Wedding Party

In many occasions, wedding is the most expensive private occasion that we will have in our life. Wedding commonly needs to be made in a really glamorous and spectacular occasion that will drain your money fast just like the disappearance of water that fall to the soil. Although it costs a lot, you can make a great planning for your wedding to make the expense get more efficient. Now, I will give you a groom guide for managing a nice wedding ceremony with good planning on the money that you will spend.

Good Plan for Having Efficient Wedding

Now, I will start the groom guide from the music that you hire for giving entertainment in your wedding ceremony. In the first place, you better check all agreements that you have done with the producer of the music entertainment. Here, you have to create a clear contract that is supported by legalized writing to show the agreements that you have done with the producer. This kind of thing is done to make the price that you have bargained at the first place will not be denied because some producers sometime play unfair in dealing.

Then, for the second, you have to make sure the number of the attendants in your wedding ceremony. Knowing the attendants will give you the exact estimations for the foods and beverages that you have to serve. This groom guide focuses on creating good guide for the food that you will have in the wedding. You have to give some additional food for overcoming the unpredictable occasion that you have like the spill of the water and the food which falls down. The guide for groom for food is the most important part here as when you lack of the food, you will shame yourself badly.

For getting good preparation in the groom guide for the food, you better hire the experienced catering because their estimation of food and beverage often accurate. Experienced catering also often provides warranty service when their service gets some trouble of is not satisfying enough for the customer. This kind of thing will make you be able to cover loss when the catering makes some mistake in the process of doing the plan in your groom guidance.

Now you see that the groom guide is important because it will make you have well organized wedding ceremony. Well organized wedding ceremony will make you have good expenses for the wedding. Your wedding will also become a really wonderful wedding when it is run in the way that you want.

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groom guide

The backdrop and main gate for wedding design

Admitted or not, wedding design is the determination of what the wedding will look like. In that case, you have to prepare the managements of the theme in order to create the best decoration. Generally, the best needs the reference such as the Canadian style, American design, or the classical European style. Those do not only regard to the appearances on the details, but also the appeal of the dress and the accessories. Moreover, it is proud to treat the biggest day with the beautiful and solid design on the backdrop, the ceiling lines, and etc.

The backdrop

Well, starting from wedding design using the Canadian thee in every element. It is the backdrop namely the white-violet concavity. On the appearances, this backdrop has three spaces: two smallest and the biggest one in the center. Those are separation has the function to post the couple lovers in the center and the best man and the best women in the smallest one.

As the developments, it can be used to sit the children. In addition, the chairs take as the thorn king. It is to express the kingdom story in the design. Not only that, the decoration of the backdrop cloth is surely amazing. The background is the pure white cloth that laminates the entire thing.

Then, it is heaped by the violet layers in some parts using the top to top method. That is functioned to hook and to create the wavy design on the top backdrop. Then, wedding design on the both edges are layered as well. Similarity, the divided between the biggest and the smallest uses the violet color. Further, the designed wedding also reminds the ideas of the gate. The best location is in the front doors ort it is the opposite of the backdrop.

The flower gate

Following the same theme, the flower gate as the exact design’s wedding. For the available form, it is the square, the half oval and etc that use the iron material to hold the flowers. To make it romantic, making sure that you put the written name on the top of the decoration gate and you have to put the variant colors of the flowers. As the example, the rose, the carnation, and etc on the some variants such as the circle garland. Therefore, wedding design especially for the main gate will be useful since you manage them symmetry treatments.

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wedding design

Malay Wedding Cultures

Wedding is one of the most important events in life. Different countries will have different cultures in holding a wedding. So, if you want to hold a wedding in a country, you need to know the culture of that country. In Malaysia, there are some interesting cultures that that you have to know in wedding. So, if you want to hold a wedding in Malaysia or you will marry a Malaysian, you need to know these cultures of Malay wedding.

Before Marriage

First of all, you need to know the cultures of Malay wedding party before marriage. The first culture is investigation. In this case, the family of the man will investigate the candidate that will be married by the man. After that, there is an engagement. This is done if both families agree about the wedding plan. Usually, the man’s family visits the woman’s family formally to ask the permission that the man will marry the woman. The last is sending gift and money. The amount of the gift and money depend on the man’s family. That is the cultures of Malay wedding before marriage.


Then, in the marriage time, there are two cultures that you have to know. In Malay wedding, there is what is called actual marriage where the man state the holy promise that he will love and protect their marriage forever. Then, there is also Berinai. It is a culture where the couples’ hands are stained with henna. Berinai is held three times. The first is Berinai curi that is done three nights before you get married. The second is Berinai kecil that is done two nights before getting married. And the last is Berinai besar that is done after actual marriage ceremony.

After Marriage

Lastly, you also need to know the cultures of Malay wedding after marriage. The first is arriving in procession. It will be followed by many people including the families. After that is welcoming to the bride’s house. In this case, the man is welcomed to enter the bride’s house after the actual marriage. This is the last culture in Malay wedding.

That is all about the cultures that you have to know. Maybe, it will be very different from other countries wedding culture, especially from western wedding culture. After you know those cultures, you need to follow those cultures if you want to marry a Malaysian. Hopefully, those cultures of Malay wedding will be useful. So, it can be a good reference for anyone.

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Malay wedding

Coast Catering: Passion for Fine Dining

Barry Layne creates such a wonderful catering. It is Coast Catering. This catering will help you out in planning your event as it provides a full-service. You will have your event ready with Coast. Furthermore, it provides custom catering which is suitable for any occasion. The experiences make Coast Cuisine professional and tactical in managing event strategies, arranging the custom menu and executing the culinary. It is amazing, right? Moreover, Catering by Coast helps you out for intimate gathering to large gala. Let’s see how it works.

Flexible In Budget, Palate, And Occasion

Coast Catering is flexible to suit the menu with any occasion, palate and budget. So, the customers will not be disappointed with the service. The food is always delicious and fresh. It is varied from classic menus to new and creative dishes. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that every customer will like it. The menu is composed from the finest and freshest materials. They have such a good relationship with small local farms, artisan, and dairies. So, the stuff is always new and fresh.

High-Quality Menus

The menu of Coast Catering has at least four big categories. They are Passed Hors d’Oeuvres, Plated Four-Course Dinner, Barbeque, and Stationed Dinner. Let’s check the Passed Hors d’Oeuvres. It is a bunch of food for 150 guests. It consists of numerous foods, such as Hoisin Buerre Blanc Crème Brulee on Spons, Gorgonzola Pizzette, and others. It is such a great menu, right?

Coast Dishes for Wedding

The menu for wedding gala is provided by Coast Catering as well. Menus for wedding at least have four variant; rehearsal dinner, stations, plated, and brunch. For Rehearsal Dinner, Cuisine by Coast offers you numerous dishes for four phase; starters, 1st course, 2nd course, and dessert. Blackened Yellowfin Tuna and Pico De Gallo complete the starters. The 1st course will have Heirloom Tomato and Buffalo Mozarella Salad Avocado, Red Onion, Basil, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Grilled Kobe Beef Burgers and others will accompany you in the 2nd course. And Vanilla Bean Gelato and friends will make your desert perfect.

These mesmerizing menus are created by a wonderful chef as well as the founder of Coast Catering: Barry Layne. With his amazing skill and passion for food, he can create foods with delicious taste, elegant look, and sincere taste. He has a tireless work ethic that makes his food awesome. He starts working in kitchen at the age of 15. He works for fine restaurants in Southern California. As the result of his hard work, he becomes the master chef in JC Resort, Jose Eber Café Salon in Beverl Hills and Ventana Inn in Big Sur. And at the age of 21, patron celebrities for restaurants, such as Brenda Vaccaro, Linda Gray, and Larry Hagman, personally invite him to arrange the catering for their private parties.


For further information, you can visit this link Wedding Inspiration

Coast Catering